How our letting services work

Once you ask us to let and manage your property, we give you the absolute freedom to choose your service fee. We have a broad knowledge about the rental market and all the various factors that are often overlooked. As such, we work round the clock to protect every landlord client because every asset, regardless of its size is important to us.

At Sole Properties, we are passionate about what we do and we assure all our clients of our commitment to professionalism in every facet of our work and the services we render. Whether the only service you require is introduction and vetting or you require letting and full property management service, we can provide the solutions you need.

For example, if you’re a property owner living abroad, you shouldn’t stress yourself with the daily operations of your property, considering the various restrictions currently affecting landlords based abroad. As a professional real estate company, we provide top-notch property management and letting services.

Tenant Introduction

Some landlords only require tenant introduction services. This service involves drawing up various contractual documents on behalf of the property owner who intends to be responsible for the day-to-day management of their property.

This service also involves finding the right tenants, arranging viewing, vetting, and introducing them to the landlord. This service ends once the tenant and the landlord reached an agreement and signed the contract while funds are transferred to the landlord’s desired account.

Non managed rent collection service

This service involves the landlord authorizing us to set up rent collection service from tenants and remit the collected payment to a specified rental account. When this service is requested, we are responsible for sending the monthly rental payment statement to the landlord’s address.

Tenant Intro and Management Service

If you’re a landlord who is not interested in the day-to-day running of your rental property, we can take up that responsibility. We can find, vet, tenants, and take responsibility for the smooth running of the property. This management process often involves the following:

• We can obtain applicable safety checks as required
• We are responsible for preparing the appropriate tenancy agreement
• We are responsible for handing over the key to the tenant and retaining management copy
• We are responsible for notifying appropriate utility service providers of change in occupancy
• We offer free letting advice and a rental market appraisal
• We offer free advertising on leading property portals
• All potential tenants are required to pass our identity and affordability checks
• We are responsible for preparing the household inventory
• Collect and remit rental payment to the landlord’s preferred account
• Send monthly rental payment statement to landlord’s address
• Regular property inspection (up to three times a month) to vet the condition of the property
• We are responsible for conducting repairs where necessary (with the landlord’s consent)
• We are responsible for serving appropriate notices when required to do so
• We can get 3rd party rent protection facility


Sole properties is committed to delivering a high level of expertise, customer service, and attention to detail to the marketing and sales of real estate, and rental properties. Whether you are looking to rent, buy or sell, we are there for you from beginning to end.



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