Set a budget before you start searching for a new home. Remember you’ll have to pay an upfront deposit, the first month’s rent, and tenancy setup fees.

Go and view the property. If you like it, the letting agent will require you to sign a Tenancy Fee Declaration form. It contains a list of the services they will provide and the fees you’re required to pay.

To arrange a viewing, contact us (Sole Properties) via email: info@soleproperties.co.uk or call us on phone via 020 8202 7111

We will choose a convenient time for you and the landlord to meet. We will accompany you to the viewing and introduce you to the landlord. You’ll have the freedom to ask all the questions you want.

This will depend on your schedule. But if you’re looking to move in as soon as possible, our agents will work with you to make sure you move in at your desired time.

You’re expected to pay an admin fee which will cover several items. This will include drawing up your tenancy agreement, processing your references, and securing your deposit in a government-approved scheme.

Yes. You’re required to pay a security deposit in case you fail to pay your rent as required. Security deposits are also required to cover any damage you’re responsible for while renting the property. You can also pay a holding deposit to ensure that a specific rental space is reserved for you. If you pay the holding deposit and rent the property, you can use the holding deposit as your security deposit or the first month’s rent.

Yes. Your deposit will be secured in a government-approved scheme created for the protection of such deposits. Security deposit is a legal requirement requested by all landlords.

It’s a list of all the items in a rented space and their condition. Tenants should check and verify each of the items on the list before signing any contract. You can take photographs as proof and as additional protection to prevent arguments in the future.

You can contact us (Sole Properties) via email: lettings@soleproperties.co.uk or call us on phone: 020 8202 7111

The least tenancy agreement is for a 12 months period. You can request for an additional six months break clause which must be approved by the landlord.

You’re required to provide details of your employer, income, previous address, and bank account details. All details will be verified to ensure that you’re capable of paying the monthly rentals.

Referencing is done to assure the landlord that you’re financially capable of paying the monthly rent for your space.

Proof of I.D. (such as driving license or passport) and proof of residency (such as utility or council tax bill for the last 3 months). All these are required and verified to ensure that you are who you claim to be.

If you’re not fully approved by the referencing process for whatever reason, you may need a guarantor to support you. A guarantor is usually a guardian or a parent who will agree to take joint responsibility for the rent if the tenant is unable to pay.


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